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Group Call

  • Participants: Ladan, Tom, Stephen, Josh, Guillaume, Katie
  • Guillaume is getting more privileges on edhar to monitor use
    • Storage is filling up
    • Not backed up
  • Moran data
    • Josh looked at metadata files
      • Not a ton of samples (100)
      • More importantly, they are mostly clustered on the GA coast and South Pacific (transect?)
      • However, one file contains many dispersed sampling sites - Josh/Guillaume will follow up
    • Tom: 1000s of thousands of reads since 454
    • Katie: Will still be >100K families
  • What is the goal of protein family niche modeling?
    • Data mining for proteins with novel associations with environmental variables
    • Mapping diversity and some well-known families/pathways (e.g., KEGG)
    • Taxonomic vs. functional diversity
  • Plan: Try a regional analysis of South Pacific
    • Guillaume will install MRC at Davis and process Moran's Pacific data
    • Josh (with Mariel?) will work on
      • Statistical analyses of all SFams
      • Mapping of SFams with KEGG annotations of interest for biogeochemical processes
  • SFam updating
    • Guillaume is finishing up code
    • Major changes for data tracking (e.g., construction IDs, seed vs. full, updated vs. old)
  • Josh: total diversity estimator
    • Global diversity estimate
    • Number of OTUs shared or exclusive between two regions
    • Validating on macroorganisms
    • For microbes - need range maps and some deeply sampled locations