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PI Call

  • Problems with skype
  • New weekly mtg time: proposed new time is Weds 11-12
  • Quarterly report
    • submitted
    • UCD working on financials
  • No-cost extension/budget
    • How much surplus does JE have?
      • Approximately $200K left. Working on burn rate to figure out potential surplus.
    • MW has 7 months, JG has 5, KP has <1
  • Grants
    • NSF/DTRA Biological Threat Detection:
      • Unusual vs. background
      • Metagenomics to detect anthrax etc
      • Bioinformatics
    • NSF Biodiversity:
      • JE trying to reach Matt (program officer)
      • Looks like the call focused on specific areas of biodiversity and integrating actual biological data - maybe existing?
      • JG is submitting one on air, mostly data collection
      • Need to figure out if linked proposals are possible
    • NSF Bioinformatics (ABI):
      • KP talked to Peter McCartney (program officer)
      • Dbs plus some methods/algorithms, but not if too close to CS (e.g. speed up alignment methods)
      • They are funding projects related to nextgen sequencing (and other new types of data),
      • Metagenomics projects are funded by ABI (along with GEO and CI, possible joint funding)
      • Successful applications in metagenomics aim to be more general, e.g. tackle sequencing methods/dbs in general, and are not very high-risk
      • Applications useful for iPlant community are good
      • Partnership with Microsoft/Zorro on cloud computing
  • Single cell/sorted cell sequencing