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PI Call

  • Annual report
    • JE doing final edits
    • additional info section needs polishing
    • JE will ask Kelly if we can submit on 3/3
  • Kelly visiting UO on Thursday
  • Budget issues
    • No-cost extension
      • KP runs out in Fall
      • JG has 5 months extra
      • JE doesn't know, will try to figure it out
      • MW has 7 months extra
    • How to handle multiple over-lapping project ending at different times?
    • Grant writing
      • Not sure if MMI continuing at Moore
        • JG will ask Kelly
        • a small amount (e.g. one year) of additional funding will help the project get done
      • NIH
        • Oral microbiome RFA - maybe just sequencing, not analysis?
      • NSF head meeting with UCD genome faculty
        • JE will ask about opportunities there
      • Sloan's built-environment microbiome projects
        • JE will talk to Paula about possible computational component
        • JG already has small grant from them for data collection
      • A lot of the funding is for data collection/sequencing
        • need to partner or lead on data projects
        • good to collect data, since data of others often has limitations
      • A field guide of microbes (theory + sequencing)
        • DOE: carbon fixation, bioremediation, etc (but JGI already doing it?)
        • NIH: human microbiome
        • Google: pathogens
      • What component of the air is metabolically active habitat vs. conduit?
      • How to fund this kind of thing?
        • pitch to a foundation (find right person to pitch it to their board)
        • within agencies, there's a community process (workshops, white papers)