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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Stacia, Tom, Ladan, Sarah, Josh, Guillaume
  • Computing resources
    • Tom Purchasing
      • Dell 920 (120 nodes, 1Tb RAM) $35K
      • HTC db server (12Tb solid state) $6K
    • Still has access to OSU cluster, but busy
    • Pollard lab servers slowly getting fixed
  • Patrick and Josh met with Suwen Zhao (Jacobson lab)
    • 4-carbon sugar with unknown function
    • Genome context analysis gives pathway
    • What is its niche? purpose?
      • Look for families in GOS and soil data metagenomes with shotmap
      • Josh will look at environmental correlates
  • Data analyses for Shotmap paper
    • Almost all MetaHIT samples are processed with SFams, a few to do with KEGG, metaCyc done
      • Compare across databases
    • English Channel is done
      • Clustering based on seasonal variation
    • Discuss next time