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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Patrick, Sarah, Ladan, Dongying, Stephen
  • Katie: Update on bioinformatics hire
    • Interviewing candidates in next few weeks
  • Stephen: MicrobeDb is up an running
  • Stephen: Check out SIMAP
    • All-vs-all blast (like) search results
    • Paper:
    • What are benefits of having our own family resource? e.g., versus EggNOG (uses subset of SIMAP)
      • Versus spending time/resources on other research
      • Tom: SFams HMMs are probably more stable over time than de novo clustered protein families
      • Stephen: Incorporating metagenomic data
      • Stephen: Ecosystem/environment specific protein databases
      • Katie: RNA gene families
      • Katie: Viral gene families
  • EFI update from Katie
  • Upcoming meetings
    • No call on 3/12
    • Sarah will present 2 weeks from now