Moore Notes 1 29 14

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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Patrick, Josh, Guillaume, Dongying, Sarah, Ladan, Stephen
  • PICRUSTs: hold off for now
    • Updated Jack, who will look into distributions in more detail in their work
  • Data for protein family niche modeling
    • Tara data will not be released until paper comes out
    • Guillaume will re-check CAMERA
    • Josh will look for 16S studies where we might be able to shotgun sequence the samples
    • Katie will touch base with Samantha Forde
    • Tom: hot springs?
  • EFI: novel gene families using Sfams
    • Sfam sequences not in Pfam, KEGG, etc.
    • Stephen & Patrick:
      • Mapping Sfams to UniProt
      • Intersecting with other annotations
      • Ranking based on taxonomic diversity, ecological distribution, other properties
    • Redoing Sfam pipeline to identify more distant homologs
    • Status of Sfams build 3? Incomplete (sifting only), from June
    • Builds 2 and 3 could be useful for identifying additional sequences sifted into build 0/1 families
    • Stephen: What about using MetaRef? EggNOG?
    • Stephen: Simmap might be helpful (blast results)
  • MicrobeDB
    • Bugs fixed hopefully
    • Need to get new genomes downloaded
  • Hiring to replace Tim