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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Jonathan, Tom, Stephen, Josh, Patrick, Ladan, Sarah, Dongying, Guillaume
  • Tara Oceans (slides)
    • See Notes 1_21_15 for summary of last week's call
    • Stephen: Ran MicrobeCensus
      • Default settings
      • Need to drop missing values
      • Some average genome size estimates are huge
      • Can work on eukaryote size estimates
    • Josh: Metadata (summary)(see email attachment for full data)
      • All open ocean
      • Mostly surface waters
  • Sarah: (slides)
    • Preparing for job talks
    • Genes: "elite" (taxonomic) verus "regular" (functional) markers
    • Phylogenetic approach
      • How to distinguish HGT from conserved genes? Maybe look at flanking sequence
    • Different datasets and simulations
      • Proteorhodopsin as a positive control
    • Pairwise versus sample-wise testing
      • Summary statistics
    • Coverage issue
      • Run MicrobeCensus
      • This does not deal with zeros (absent or just not detected?)
  • Next calls
    • Stephen: Feb 9
    • Dongying: Feb 23