Moore Notes 1 14 09

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PIs only: skype chat

  • JE & KP will try again to chat with Pierre Z.
  • JE will talk to Tom Sharpton at Davis next week
  • Postdocs will meet in person ~1x per month
    • Eisen & Pollard labs in person
    • Green lab postdocs will join periodically and skype in other times
  • Phylogenetics problem
    • JE put question on his blog
    • responses from some labs doing metagenomics, e.g. Morgan Price (Arkin lab) simulations
  • Annual progress report
    • Will we be using template?
      • JE will check with Kelly about format
      • we'll start with a wiki page, transfer later if needed
    • Deliverables
      • each PI should tackle their own 2008 (or any future) deliverables
      • scope/length for each? abstract + publication if published, otherwise 3-4 paragraphs
    • Financial
      • Gail (at UCD) is working on this
      • JG and KP need to get summary of what has been spent 12-1-07 (9-1-08 for KP) to 12-31-08
      • total spending needs to be within 20%, if not then what categories have been underspent
    • Goal: draft by 1-23-08