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  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Jonathan, Josh, Stacia, Patrick, Ladan, Stephen, Dongying, Guillaume
  • Tom: update on ShotMap manuscript
    • Stephen editing now, Katie next
    • A few loose ends and figures to finish
  • Stephen: Tara Oceans data (summary)
    • sent around slides, see above
    • found that the Tara Data was sitting in the NCBI SRA, first slide captures what is in SRA.
      • different studies come from different size fractions
      • don't know if all samples have all fractions conducted
      • Josh will take coordinates and map them out by study
    • Can we actually use this data? See the data release policy (slide 2)
      • All of the data in the SRA is free to download, but Tara website has this disclaimer
      • Can use samples one-year after submission without restriction, but not clear when submitted
        • JAE: If the data is in the SRA, then it follows the SRA guidelines.
      • Also, there are environmental covariates available for download at
    • Some publications out there already:
    • How do we proceed from this position? This is probably the ideal data for the niche modeling project
      • First step is to QC the data and process it by classifying into protein families
      • We can at least start this process
      • Don't necessarily need to discuss our intentions with them
      • According to EBI, data looks to have been submitted a while back. Jonathan sending a link.
    • Need a meeting to discuss how to process this data
      • Consistency and standardization
  • Jonathan: Moore foundation notes that some of the old CAMERA datasets will be managed by iMICROBE