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Group Call

  • Niche mapping
    • Tom: Environmental layer associations plots
      • MICROBIS data only: remote data vs. measurement at sampling site by MICROBIS researchers
      • Don't know units for MICROBIS (hopefully scales linearly with remote scale)
      • Can't be sure that type/mode of measurement are identical between the two (e.g., soluble vs. non-soluble iron)
      • Need to keep in mind that time of year of measurements could differ
      • Silicate only has 3 values - can't really compute correlation
      • All other variables except phosphate have significant positive correlations
      • Josh and Tom will check if nitrate and/or the nitrate/phosphate ratio have good correlations - may substitute nitrate and/or add N/P ratio
    • Josh: GLM results
      • Richness vs. latitude plot
        • Sample area lower at poles and extreme latitudes
        • Richness is higher at mid latitudes
        • If we did correct for area, it would accentuate this pattern
        • People usually don't do this, but some people do use diversity per unit area (log of proportion of area sampled to total area sampled)
        • Alternatively could do a simulation by resampling grid cells with probability based on their relative area to account for correlations
    • Alex: individual taxon analyses
      • Generated genus level data
      • Will run GLM predictions separately for each phylum with at least 20 genera
    • James can run species-area analyses once we have final predictions
    • We probably will not include beta-diversity in this paper
      • Map doesn't show strong patterns - could be interesting result
      • But there are better ways to generate beta diversity maps so not confident enough to report it
    • Methods draft
    • Author list
      • Josh, ..., Jessica, Katie?
      • Every one will write an author statement and we'll discuss
  • Next week: protein family database (Guillaume/Tom)