Moore Notes 12 8 09

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PI Call

  • Bioinformatics hire

He started today. JE will ask if he can come to the meeting.

    • projects

In the long run, we need to come up with a system to figure out what he will spend his time on. We need a method for tracking, Steve set something up. Let's discuss at meeting. Have a session on what he should be doing. He could be point person for CAMERA. He will need an account, etc.

  • Annual meeting prep

Discussing this Friday 9 AM.

    • make schedule

JE making schedule and sending around. Katie added bioinformatics session and speaking with Kelly

    • plan for dinner on 12/15

Dinner reservation around hotel. Not too loud a place. Private banquet room.

  • Steve's paper
    • pre-submission inquiry vs. just send to PLoS

JE agrees.

  • Venter Institute
    • data

Jess gave update to Katie and Jonathan.

  • CAMERA test project (OTU pipeline)
    • response from CAMERA?

JE will contact before annual meeting. Tom has already made a pipeline.