Moore Notes 12 1 09

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Group Call

  • Dec meeting
    • hotel all set
    • sessions:
      • each person said what they want/need from the meeting
      • idea is that each person gets ~1 hour session
        • 10 minute introduction
        • structured conversation
        • 10 minutes at end about technical issues/other needs (bioinformatics, data, etc)
      • Need separate group sessions on some topics (e.g. OTUs, ecological null models)
      • Martin leaves 2:30pm and Alex 11:30am on Dec 16, rest around til 5pm
    • OTU pipeline as a test project
    • JE will talk to CAMERA
      • Forest Rower has had a painful experience
  • Bioinformatics hire
    • may come to meeting
    • planned to start tomorrow
  • Tree building: Sam, Tom, Steve, Jess, Katie
    • analyses of simulated data sets
  • OTU project
    • MOTHUR output is coming along
  • Call 10:30am Wednesday
    • OTUs
    • Tree building/simulations