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PI Call

  • Participants: Jonathan, Tom, Jonathan
  • Future Funding
    • Tom Pew application
    • NIH postdoc salaries
    • Training grants
  • Ongoing work
    • JE supporting informatics people on other grants currently
      • Can test methods on specific systems (e.g., seagrass metagenomes, rice, corn - not 16S)
        • Eisen lab people are applying it now and will follow up on these and Tara Oceans
      • Guillaume, Ladan, Dongying might be able to contribute more broadly while working on other projects
        • Dongying is on Geneology of Life single cell grant, doing some low-pass metagenomic sequencing of marine environments
    • Tom wants to contribute towards a marine niche modeling application
      • No available informatics staff currently
      • NSF proposal is main thrust right now (mostly 16S right now)
  • What would it take to move Tara Oceans analysis forward?
    • ShotMAP community level analyses
    • PhyloCNV strain level analyses of prevalent species
    • Eisen lab can test methods and learn to use them
    • Tom suggests list of objectives and who is responsible
    • High priority gene/pathway/function list for focused analyses (versus diversity)
  • Further towards future
    • Interfacing with Curtis Huttenhower, Titus Brown, Brett Tyler
    • Using metagenomics to
      • improve genome-based protein databases
      • annotate novel proteins
      • But requires different resources than what we have (libraries could lead this or iPlant as example)