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Group Call

  • Participants: Jonathan, Katie, Guillaume, Josh, Stephen, Dongying, Tom
  • Grants says that things are ready to go at Davis, but that the trigger needs to be pulled
  • Guillaume update on potential collaborators
    • Looking at two projects:
      • AMT (Atlantic Transect), mainly looked at water metadata (absorption profiles, chemistry, optics), not much sequence yet. 20 cruises since 1995. Unclear if there is sequence coming on line in the near future. Were probably funded to generate sequence data. The program officer can even put us in touch with them. Looks like it's difficult for non-UK groups to get the data, but we should inquire.
      • Terra Ocean Expedition - a giant 2.5 year transocean cruise. Could have a lot of data, but it hasn't been disclosed at this time.
    • These two projects are sampling in different directions, could be complementary. The PO may be able to help obtain access to the data.
    • Morgan may be interested in talking to the group
    • At the very least the poster or draft of the MS may help
    • Could analyze both metagenomic and 16S data for samples that have both types to evaluate if signals are consistent
  • Hiring a bioinformatics person
    • Continuing to interview people for the 50% effort at Gladstone, a new round of applicants and some phone interviews have been conducted.
  • Sam's paper
    • Don't have to necessarily worry about new data, many journals will be happy with a methodological advance.
    • If the focus is more on the importance of simulation, you could merge the tree and MetaPASSAGE paper. But, you have to be careful about the tools being too distinct.
    • Briefings in Bioinformatics