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PI Call - regarding GBMF RFI

  • JE is working on data proposal about microbes on marine algae
    • eel grass: only marine plant
    • kelp as comparison
    • wants one experimental system for lab
    • functional studies of microbes
    • totally separate from metagenomics informatics, except characterizing the community (rRNA surveys)
      • could be linked, but how?
  • KP is thinking along lines of NSF/NIGMS Math Biology proposal
    • Aims
      • OPF database and read classifier
      • geographic distributions
      • niche estimation and mapping
      • compare geographic and niche distributions to get at function
    • Analysis of specific existing data sets ("for example"), but don't pick one
      • But say they are coming and we'll do others as they come on line (e.g., More from JCVI, Jerome Roass from HMP and Europeans: MAMBA)
    • JE would be interest in being a co-PI
    • Should list names of others working in this area
    • Start a Google Doc
  • Martin
    • Does it have to be marine?
    • What about NSF Biodiversity call?