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PI Call

  • Progress Report
  • PhylOTU paper
    • Excellent reviews
    • Strategy: do some new analyses, but not necessarily everything Reviewer #2 requested
    • Editor will be reasonable
  • Distance-decay paper
    • Appeal to Theoretical Ecology? Talk to Alan - not sure what policy is at TE.
    • Peer review is highly biased against those who aren't big salespeople (e.g., bullet points sell well)
    • Reviewers/editor may not read whole paper if very technical
    • Deposit in
  • MaxEnt Range Mapping
    • Sampling needs to cover niche space
    • Try to submit a paper by end of year
  • Protein Db
    • Families are mostly ready to go
      • Need to do some testing vs. PFAM
      • How well can one family be distinguished from another using profile HMMs?
      • Put some families on the back burner if can't resolve issues for every single one
    • Is Morgan sticking to PFAMs?
      • Maybe
      • Will probably try these new families
      • May add viruses
    • Tom is working on read classifier
  • Grants
    • Moore put out RFI for ideas Marine Microbiology Research (due Nov 8)
    • New Howard Hughes-GBMF Investigator program (plant biology)
    • New proposal idea
      • look at co-evolution of host (e.g., mammals) and commensals
      • phylogeny of host + microbiome data (as a character state) to infer ancestral microbiome taxa
      • major transitions in regulatory pathways, innate immune system
  • No-cost extension
    • JE will check on it
    • MW needs info for his grants office