Moore Notes 10 27 14

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Group Call: Jonathan, Katie, Ladan, Sarah, Patrick, Stephen, Josh, Stacia

  • Next calls: Nov 10, Dec 1
    • Who wants to present?
  • Josh: Beta diversity project slides
    • Diversity linked to ecosystem stability, ecosystem function
    • Hypothesis: diversity linked to incidence of threatened species
    • Diversity metrics
      • JE: what about time lags?
    • Beta-diversity is a function of perimeter and area of ranges
      • JE: are there outliers and what causes them?
    • Range properties are linked to incidence of threatened species, so hypothesis is true
    • What could we do with marine microbe data?
    • What issues does the incomplete sampling of metagenomic sequencing introduce?
    • Data sets of microbial extinctions (diseases show it can happen in theory, also obligate endosymbionts of hosts that go extinct)
      • But HGT may cancel out the concept of species extinction