Moore Notes 10 21 09

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PI Call (JG, KP, JE)

  • writing reference letters for postdocs
  • personnel
    • engineer position
      • JE talking to candidate today
      • want some one pro-active
      • hope to make a decision this week
    • James is moving off iSEEM in December
    • should all personnel do scripting?
  • weekly meeting time
    • Tuesday 12:30-1:30pm
  • Steve's paper
    • JE is sending revised version later today
    • KP will work on it next and talk to Steve about statistics presentation
  • No-cost extension from Moore?
    • joint email to Kelly - JG will draft
    • Paul Gilna emailed JE
    • Test project for their resources
      • Maybe OTU project?
  • OTU project
    • next step: script for MOTHUR
    • new engineer will take this on
  • December meeting