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Group Call

  • Participants: Josh, Tom, Guillaume, Katie
  • Call time
    • JE can make M/W time after 10/22
    • Until then, try alternating T/Th
  • iSEEM2 meetup in Davis
    • Maybe early Nov
    • Tom will send around some possible dates
  • Downloading data sets
    • Raw vs. processed (e.g., for GOS)?
    • Avoid bias with using different processing on different data sets
    • Download raw with quality scores in fastq file
  • Josh's marine niche mapping project
    • Reviews: Reviewer 2 seems to be biased (conflict of interest?), Reviewer 4 may be convinced but has concerns about significance
    • Make plots of ICoMM data (diversity vs. latitude) for each month
    • Chris Novak recommends addressing reviewer #4
  • Using PI-CRUSTS (Morgan's ancestral state reconstruction method) for functional diversity mapping based on 16S sequences
    • Will need to validate, e.g., with metagenomic data sets and/or different methods for mapping 16S to functions
    • Combine with PD maps?