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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Jonathan, Patrick, Guillaume, Josh, Ladan, Stacia
  • Eukaryotic markers (for MicrobeCensus and in general)
    • Haven't ground-truthed existing markers very deeply yet
      • Not confident in results coming out with these so far
      • Some bacterial markers are in eukaryote mitochondria
      • Need bigger set of eukaryote (fungal to start) markers (with Jason Stajich)
    • Time for de novo identification of markers for some groups
    • Also integrating viral families is a good idea
    • Conference call week after next
  • Shotmap
    • Parallel editing of different sections by Friday
    • Finalizing figures
      • Discussion of which to prioritize in main manuscript (vs. supplement)
    • JE: Check how we handle stop codons that might code amino acids rarely
    • Supplement next