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Group Call

  • Participants: Stephen, Jonathan, Katie
  • Call time
    • M/W time after 10/22: Wednesday 10am, starting 10/24
    • Next call: 10/24
  • Josh's marine niche mapping project
  • Downloading data sets
    • Available
      • GOS
      • Smaller studies
      • Ed Delong's suggestions
      • Jack Gilbert's English channel data (need to request)
    • Tera project oceanic data not available yet
    • Talk to GBMF about pre-publication data
  • Doing protein diversity via 16S and genomes (e.g., with PI-CRUSTS)
    • Compare to metagenomic data classified with SFams
    • May work for general trait biogeography, but not for functions that aren't well represented by 16S
    • It helps that hundreds of genomes from abundant marine taxa have been sequenced, and some uncultured will be
  • Possible Navy subcontract