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Us, In A Nutshell

I was a graduate student in Peter Prevelige's lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). There, I studied the principles of macromolecular self-assembly using bacteriophage as a model system. I then did a post-doc in Bob Sauer's lab at MIT. I was initially interested in the regulation of ribosome rescue by tmRNA, but my focus turned more toward the ribosome itself. My current research team benefits from numerous research groups that have studied translation over the years: there is a significant body of exceptional work from which to draw. We hope to add to this legacy by developing technologies that allow previously intractable questions regarding ribosome function and translational regulation to be addressed. As a general strategy, we adapt cutting edge molecular tools to work around the classical limitations of working with conserved, essential proteins. It is our goal to contribute, in a meaningful way, to overall understanding of translation and the molecules that make it possible.