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Creating and running gels

Gel protocol for dummies.


1x TBE buffer:

Reagents and instruments:

  • Agarose
  • SYBR safe gel stain
  • DNA ladder
  • Electrophoresis tank with plates


To create 55 ml of 1% agarose buffer:

  1. Add 0.55g of agarose to 55 ml of 1x TBE buffer.
  2. Swirl and heat for 2-4 minutes in microwave.
    Note: It is a good idea to microwave for 30-45sec, stop and swirl, and then continue towards a boil.
  3. Let solution cool to around 50 °C and add 5 μL of SYBR Safe gel stain.
    Note: Presumable more safe the ETBr, but anything that binds DNA should be treated as a carcinogen.
  4. Pour in plate and let rest for 1 hour.
    Note: Or place in 4°C for 15-20 min.

To run:

  1. Mix 10 μL of sample with 5 μL of loading dye
  2. Transfer 15 μL to gel in electrophoresis tank and cover gel in TBE buffer.
  3. Run for around 60 min at 80-150V V.
    Note: The DNA is negatively charged and will run towards the positive electrode. Always Run to Red.
    Note: Check the run by looking at the band - stop when it's around 2/3 down.

To analyze:

  1. Visualize gel on ?