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Streaking plates

How to streak plates with stab or bacterial cultures.



  1. Use sterile loop and dip into stab culture, bacterial plate or glycerol stock
    Note: If using re-usable loop, vigorously sterilize loop with Bunsen burner every time you use it. Likewise, if using plastic loops, use a new one for each action.
  2. Gently streak loop over LB plate following the pattern shown in 1. Using a new loop, drag through the first streak-pattern, as shown in 2. Do the same for the third pattern.
    Note: Using left hand keep lid raised above plate – this will reduce contamination getting onto the plate.
    Note: Use a new loop for each streak.
    Note: Only touch the surface of the plate, do not dig into the agar.
  3. Label plates with name, date, type of plate, bacteria / plasmid.
  4. Incubate plate overnight (12-18 hours) at 37°C and then proceed to create a liquid culture.
    Note: Wrap plates in parafilm to avoid drying of plate.