Microfluidic chemostat labview program

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  • Need to install legacy 'Traditional' drivers from labview drivers CD
  • camera API

Future Additions

  • The open/close shutter seems to take much longer than the actual camera exposure time - overexposing the cells. Need to figure out how to reduce this.
  • Allow different cleaning periods for the screening chamber and the other 16 chambers. The screening chamber is getting cleaned so frequently that it is probably overkill to flow for so long.
  • Add the FL1 and FL2 shutters to the experimental parameters array, so they can be passed into the sort.
  • Lysis buffer position set in master control panel.

Test these additions

  • Output the last chamebr that has being cleaned and allow you to choose which chamber to start cleaning on.
    • This will allow for runs to be stopped and restarted without a problem. However we will still lose the iamge count, etc. May want to have a way to stop the run without having to hard stop the program.
  • Add a switch to turn sorting on or off, right now it is hardcoded in the sort vi.

Unconfirmed issues to watch

  • Consider adding extra re-pressurization if the pump appears to be slowing.

Automated start-up procedure

  • cleans the chemostat out with media
  • Opens and closes every valve so you can visually inspect if they are functioning properly
  • Prepare for cell loading button

Automated shutdown procedure

  • clean out with lysis buffer then flow air

Rewrite Timing

The software should be rewritten to fire off sorting and cleaning events based on a timer system rathern than ordered series of events. This will ensure the dilution rate remains constant, though will increase the likelihood that events collide so will have to make sure were checking for that.

Contact:Jason Kelly