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... done something ^^.

Read the interesting crystallography review, maybe something that can be cited.

Also startet the calculations of structures with core residue fraction below 0.5. Those results should be ready to analyze tomorrow.

Plan for the coming days:

Thursday Analyse core fraction < 0.5 testset, should be done tomorrow! Read more stuff (at least 2 papers?)

Friday Analyse testset extension data, update general plots and data.

Saturday ( :( ) Finisch data analysis, break up in sub test sets?

Sunday - Monday (If not work on sunday) Subtestset analysis

In between: Start writing the paper!

Oh and get the fragment libs from rosetta to work, ask james tomorrow about that !

Big goal:

1. Get Data collected and analysed (ideally WITH the new rosetta design option) till Friday 18th. 2. Get data interpreted(!) till Friday 25th. 3. Write first draft till Friday 2nd May!