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Not so much done today ... I really should motivate myself a little bid more :).

Quality scores by just using phi-psi in procheck increases the overall z-score slightly. Things to do:

Lots of papers to read ... I digged out a lot of stuff and try to compose and prepare a talk about it. The RECOORD paper seems interesting, could be a way to refine the NMR structures ...

Double check for Point mutations: Unfortunatly, the 1C44-1QND set has a mutation L80F in the design site A80. Maybe it`s neccesary to re-run the calcs for this pair.

Still nothing from Andrec. Maybe I should contact David with my issue, he was more cooperative. Also, I could just search by myself but, hey why to waste time ;).

Rosetta iterative min design: James almost got it to work. I'm exited about this!!!

Writing the paper...

Do more, write more :) At least write the methods section, which really isn`t a big deal ...

And in general: DO MORE WHILE YOU ARE AT WORK !!!!