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Collecting results and thing about several ways of plotting

The scatter plots, like Karl suggested, seem to be very helpful. Since we need no normalization for our data that has the same scale (e.g chi1 recoverys, sequence conservations) I just plotted them as they are.

To deal with the outliners, I eliminated every value that is above the 0.95 percentile for this plot. After that I normalized the data and plotted them (X-rax, x-achsis, NMR y-achsis).

The results seem to be pretty intuitive to read! I might not even not need to normalize them. I should try both till next group meeting and make the plots of the results ready.

There is still the issue with the quality scores! It will be cool to look at the scores after minimization of NMR and X-ray. Plus there would be still the oppurtunity to find out, wether there is any correlation with quality of structures and there design/repack results!