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OADC is Oleic Acid Albumin Dextrose Complex, a component of the mycobacterial selective media 7H9 and 7H10. If you don't add the oleic acid solution, then this is ADS, used for M. smegmatis culture in 7H9.


  • deionized water
  • 8.5g NaCl
  • 50g Bovine serum albumin fraction V
  • 20g D-dextrose
  • 50mL 1% sodium oleate solution (for M. tuberculosis only)


  1. Combine 925mL deonized water and 8.5g NaCl in a 2L flask. Stir with a magnetic stirbar until salt is dissolved.
  2. Add 50g bovine serum albumin fraction V and stir until completely dissolved.
  3. Add 20g dextrose, and stir until completely dissolved.
  4. Add 50mL 1% sodium oleate solution, and stir until completely mixed. The pH should now be ~6.9-7.0. Filter through Whatman #3 paper to remove particulates. Filter sterilize through 0.22μm pore filter. Store at 4°C.