McClean: YPD2

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YPD (1x) (1L) Agar

• Begin with approx. 700 mls of DI H2O • Weigh out and add ingredients with constant stirring:

    • Bacto Yeast Extract 10g
    • Bacto Peptone 20g

• Weigh out and add with stirring:

    • Bacto Agar 20g

• Bring up to 900 mLs with DI H2O • Separate YP into two 1L bottles of 450 mLs each • Weigh out 20g of Glucose/Dextrose and add to 100 mLs of DI H2O • Autoclave separately • Allow to cool in 50û water bath • Combine each 450 mL YP with 50 mLs glucose solution

Verified 6/1/2005 by MaryAnn Hartman; Methods in Yeast Genomics, Cold Spring Harbor, 2000 ed.