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DISCLAIMER: If the ordering process starts getting abused or disorganized (particularly oligos) order privileges will be revoked and we'll go back to a system where only 1 person can submit orders.

Basics of Ordering

  • Request the order on Quartzy (except oligos)
  • Ask a Quartzy administrator to approve the item. If the item is more than $500, get verbal approval directly from M. McClean.
    • All graduate students and postdocs in the lab should have administrator privileges on Quartzy
  • Once the order is approved, place it through Shop@UW or another mechanism (see below)
  • When the order comes in, make sure to receive it in Quartzy

Ordering through the UW-Madison Chemistry Research Storeroom

  • Many commonly used items can be purchased from the Chemistry Research Storeroom (
  • All graduate students and postdocs in the lab should get a Storeroom account
    • Fill out the "external users" account form
    • Bring to M. McClean to get account information
    • Take to the research storeroom
  • When you need an item you can then use your account number and the computer in the storeroom to pick it up and pay for it

Ordering through SHOP@UW

  • Most items from standard vendors should be ordered through Shop@UW (
  • Our lab's MD number is: MD27468
    • The password is known by researchers in the group with ordering privileges
  • Remember, only order an item after it has been entered and approved on Quartzy
  • There are special instructions for ordering oligos from IDT, see below.

Ordering with the Purchasing Card

  • Currently M. McClean is the only authorized user of the purchasing card
  • If you need an item that isn't available through Shop@UW and requires a credit card order, please enter it on Quartzy and remind M. McClean (via email/in person) to approve it and order it

Ordering Oligos

  • Oligos can be ordered through IDT on SHOP@UW. There are some important steps specific to oligo orders. If this starts getting disorganized ordering privileges will be revoked.
  • Please check with your colleagues before placing an order. Shipping is often the biggest cost, so try to place multiple orders together.
  • Procedure for ordering oligos:
    • Fill out the oligo order form (McCleanLab_OligoForm) available on the lab server (Laboratory Database\Oligo Order Forms)
    • Save the order form as: Date_oMMRange_OptionalDescriptor. For example "2017_01_29_oMM1114_oMM1126_HOGtagging"
    • Login to Shop@UW. Go to the IDT punchout.
    • Pick 'Custom Synthesis', 'Custom DNA oligos'
      • Enter Oligos one at a time OR
      • Click 'bulk entry' and copy/paste the 'IDT FORM' part of the excel spreadsheet
    • When checking out, make sure to choose 'Paper Spec Sheet'
  • EMAIL THE OLIGO SPREADSHEET TO M. MCCLEAN so that she can update the database.
  • When your oligos come, use the following protocol to properly receive them ( Only dilute your own oligos!
  • IMPORTANT: The most important part of ordering oligos is to ensure you are using the correct oMM numbers so that the database doesn't get out of whack. There are several ways to verify this:
    • Check the oMM box in the -80C and make sure you are using the next available number (this method is susceptible to you missing a recent order though, so also....)
    • Check the most recent order when you are logged into IDT and make sure you are using the next available number
    • Check the most recent version of the oligo database available on the lab server at: Laboratory Database\Latest Database Files
    • If we start getting all out of order with the oligo orders, we'll have to go back to the system where only M. McClean places oligo orders.

Ordering chemicals

  • We are required to keep an up-to-date chemical inventory. This can easily done through Quartzy.
  1. Find the chemical you wish to order through Shop@UW or one of the Punch-Out suppliers
  2. Read the safety data sheet (SDS) and save it to the Lab Safety/MSD Sheets folder on the share drive
    • Save the SDS as chemical-name_SDS.pdf
  3. On Quartzy, create a new request, including
    • The manufacturer
    • The chemical name
    • The catalog number
    • The URL to the chemical on the manufacturer's website
    • Upload the SDS as an attachment
  4. Order the chemical through Shop@UW as above
  5. When the chemical arrives
    1. Date/initial the bottle
    2. Store it in the appropriate spot (flammable cabinet, 4°C fridge, etc.). CHECK THE LABEL IF YOU'RE NOT SURE.
    3. Receive it on Quartzy
    4. Click the inventory tab and edit the chemical to include the following
      • CAS number
      • Lot number
      • Date received
  6. When you use a chemical for the first time, fill in the "Date opened" field in the Quartzy inventory
  7. When you use up a chemical, reduce the quantity in the Quartzy inventory and remove the corresponding Lot Number