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This page serves as a repository for information on how the lab is organized. It should tell you where things are, where to put things, etc. If you run across something that isn't here, please find out the answer (ask Megan or a senior lab member) and then add an entry with the info.

Which box should I use for storing my items?

Use the white cardboard boxes for personal storage in your 4°C, -20°C, and -80°C storage locations. These are also the preferred boxes for storing common stocks (competent cells, PCR buffers, etc) in all storage locations.
Use the gray freezer boxes (Nunc #374187) for primers (100μM stock) in the -80°C and for plasmids and oligos in the -20°C. DO NOT use these for any other storage purposes.
Use these for storing yMMs or bMMs in the -80°C. Do not use for any other purpose. VWR #40000-320

We also have a large collection of various plastic freezer/storage boxes that we've accumulated over the years. These can be used for storage of common reagents in the 4°C, -20°C, and -80°C spaces. Be sure to label and date everything that you put into storage. You should keep careful records of what you store in your own storage boxes.

Where should I store things in the fridges and freezers?

There is personal -20°C space in the freezer in room 3007. Personal racks in the -80°C are labelled. In general, see the layouts here: