McClean: Lab Jobs

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  • Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene (Taylor Scott)
    • Check safety showers and eye washes weekly
    • Check that chemical hygiene protocol is up-to-date monthly
    • Help Megan put together revised 2017 protocol
    • Make sure MSDS is uploaded in Quartzy (+ copy in folder + print hard copy)
  • Freezers and Fridges (Stephanie Geller)
    • Defrost freezers when they need it (every couple of months)
    • Stay on top of organization/cleanliness in the large 4C and in 2023
    • Check -80C freezers for organization and let Megan know about any issues
    • Two months a year, make sure that the liquid nitrogen tank in 2048 is full and if not order more
    • Incubators and roller drums
    • scavenging from other labs/random trash
  • Nikon TIE #1 (Cameron Stewart/Megan McClean)
    • Make sure cleanliness is maintained
    • Make sure log book is maintained
    • Sometimes deal with Nikon for maintenance/repairs
  • Nikon TIE #2 (Cameron Stewart)
    • Same as above
  • 3005A (Neydis Moreno)
    • Make sure media prep area is clean
    • Make sure microwave is clean
    • Fill water baths
  • 3007 (Kieran Sweeney)
    • Gel box area maintained
    • Buffers made and available
    • Microwave clean
    • Gel printer repaired/available
    • Breakroom fridge and microwave
    • Printers
      • Order ink and paper as necessary

What else should be added to this list? I’ll give you until next week’s meeting to work on this list, and talk amongst yourselves to figure out who wants what jobs, which jobs can be combined, etc