McClean: CleaningTheCamera

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  • The camera has dirt on it if, when you turn the camera while it is in the microscope, your cells move but the specs of dust don't. If the specs of dust do move, the specs are not on the camera.
  • Hopefully no one will ever unscrew the camera again and it will stay clean.

Cleaning the Camera

  • Unscrewing the ANDOR device creates particles of metal dust from the threading. Unscrew the two screws that hold the cylinder cover in place.
    • McClean UnscrewTwoScrews.jpg
  • Pull it out
    • McClean PullItOut.jpg
  • Remove the cylinder
    • McClean RemoveTheCylinder.jpg
  • Use the rocket shaped air blaster to blow away dust. This is your best tool! It might remove all the dust. Reattach your camera and see if the dust is gone.
    • McClean RocketBlaster.jpg
  • Apply first contact polymer solution on it. Do not spread the solution with the brush. Have a drop from the brush touch the lens. Use the surface tension to move the solution. I haven't scratched the lens even though I have touched it with the brush, but minimize any contact.
    • The First Contact solution costs $110. Use it carefully. The camera cost much more, use it super carefully.
    • McClean FirstContact.jpg
  • Insert a piece of unwaxed dental floss. You'll use this to peel off the solution when it dries.
    • McClean FirstContactSpread.jpg
  • Apply 3 coating. Give the first two coatings ~5min to dry. Give the last coating ~15min to dry. It must be completely dry.
    • Use this time to do something that you've been putting off. Perhaps an OpenWetWare article?
  • Peel off. Use the air blaster if there is any remaining dust. Reassemble. Beware that screwing on the cylinder can create little particles of dust, and then you need to start over.