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This is a basic guide to setting up the smartstat/ministat and getting it to steady state.

Tubing Check

Make sure the following tubes are connected:

Reactor Vessel

  1. Effluent tube with female quick connect.
  2. Aeration tube with small air filter, quick connect side away from vessel.
  3. Media in tube with peristaltic pump tubing appropriate to your pump and male quick connect at the end of the tube.
  4. Inoculation port tube with plastic tubing clamp at the end of a very small length of tubing.

Media Supply

  1. Vacuum tube with small air filter.
  2. Media tube connected to metal rod reaching down to the bottom of the vessel with tubing at bottom. Male quick connect at the end of the media tube.
  3. Media filtration tube with short length of tubing and connection for sterile vacuum filter.
  4. Tape rubber stopper securely with electrical tape several times around prior to use. Vessel will be under pressure.

Effluent Bottle

  1. Sort length of tubing on Erlenmeyer with side port.
  2. Rubber stopper with male quick connect stuck into top.
  3. Tape down stopper with electrical tape prior to use as vessel will be under pressure.



Mixing Media

Filling the Carboy