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Filter Settings

There are now and additional 2 sets of filters that have been installed for FRET. To use FRET imaging there are YFP and CFP Excitation and EMission Filters that must be turned on. However, For normal GFP, TRITC, and DIC imaging, both sets of these filters need to empty so that the filter cubes are able to filter the full spectrum of light, instead of what is passed through the filters.

These changes have been saved already to the scope, but in the event that the filters have been changed and you aren't seeing what you are supposed to see, check these settings:

Filter 1

  1. CFP Excitation
  2. YFP Excitation
  3. Empty (for GFP, TRITC)

Filter 2

  1. CFP Emission
  2. YFP Emission
  3. Empty (for GFP, TRITC)

Sometimes the first filter isn't recognized when everything initializes. If this is the case turn off Elements, the Scope, and the Proscan and turn them back on making sure the proscan is on before the scope and then start NIS again.