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Ammonium sulfate impedes the function of G418 and clonNAT, therefore synthetic medium containing these antibiotics needs to be made with monosodium glutamic acid (MSG) as the nitrogen source.


  • 1.7 g YNB without amino acids without ammonium sulfate (Difco, #233520)
  • 1 g Monosodium glutamate (L-glutamic acid, monosodium salt MP BIomedicals #194677)
  • 20g glucose
  • 20g bacto-agar
  • Amino Acid supplement (if desired, see KS Supplement protocol)
  • water to 1L
    • I would recommend autoclaving the glucose separately

Final Drug Concentrations

Add drugs once the media has cooled to ~55°C clonNat--final concentration 100mg/L G418--Final concentration of 200mg/L