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This is a quick and sloppy protocol for making YPD supplemented with adenine for growing ade- strains (ade1 and ade2 mutants). Particularly suited for when you are in a rush and just want to grow the mating type tester strains overnight without making a new batch of YPD+adenine. DON'T use this for growth curves, microscopy, or any other experiment that requires defined growth conditions.

Stock Solutions

YPD (standard YPD4 recipe from the media facility)

20mM adenine HCL


  • Order from media facility

20mM Adenine HCL

  • 170mg Adenine HCL (dissolved in ddIH20, bring final volume to 50mls, sterile filter)

Quickie YPD + Adenine

Mix 48.4 mls of YPD with 1.6 ml of 20mM adenine HCL in a 50ml conical tube. Final concentration of adenine HCL is 0.64mM and your YPD has been diluted slightly to 9.68 in 10.


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