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Protocol for making 20mL of 50mg/mL (1000x) kanamycin stock

CAUTION: File:Kanamycin SDS.pdf


  1. sterile De-Ionized Water
  2. kanamycin (BP906-5)


  • Fill a 50mL centrifuge tube with 20mL of sterile, DI water. (we use a centrifuge tube because it must withstand vigorous vortexing)
  • Weigh out 1g kanamycin. Insert this into the tube.
  • Vortex the tube vigorously until it is well-mixed.
  • Aliquot the solution into 1.5mL eppendorf tubes. Label each tube. Store them in a labelled bag in the -20C chest freezer in 3007.


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*Cameron J. Stewart: April 19, 2016

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