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Beginning List of journals that we need to curate as a lab

Please put your initials by journals that you add.

  • Nature (SG)
  • Nature Genetics (MM)
  • Nature Communications (TS)
  • Nature Cell Biology (KS)
  • Nature Chemical Biology (MM)
  • Nature Microbiology (NM)
  • Nature Protocols (SG)
  • Nature Review Microbiology (SG)
  • Nature Reviews Genetics (SG)
  • Nature Reviews Molecular Biology (MA)
  • Nature Structural and Molecular Biology (NM)
  • Science (TS)
  • Science Signaling (KS)
  • Science Reports (KS)
  • EMBO Journal (TS)
  • EMBO Reports (MM)
  • Cell (KS)
  • Cell Reports (KS)
  • Cell Systems (TS)
  • Molecular Cell (NM)
  • PNAS (MM)
  • Molecular Biology of the Cell (MA)
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology (MM)
  • ACS Synthetic Biology (NM)
  • BMC Systems Biology (NM)
  • Applied and Environmental Microbiology (LJ)
  • Trends in Biotechnology (MA/MM)
  • Molecular Systems Biology (NM)
  • Plos Biology (TS)
  • Plos Computational Biology (TS)
  • Plos One (TS)
  • Yeast (MM)
  • Nature Biotechnology (LJ)
  • Lab on a Chip (LJ)
  • Integrative Biology (SG)
  • Microbial Cell Factories (MA/LJ)
  • Current Opinion in Biotechnology (MM)
  • Nature Methods (LJ)
  • Bioengineering (MM)
  • Bioinformatics (TS)
  • BMC Bioinformatics (TS)