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We share the -80°C freezer with the Storey lab. Our shelves are the bottom two.

Note on the Thermo -80C Freezer from Dipen:

Hi Megan, Jean

The technician from Thermo had a look at the freezer door today. The door was apparently getting locked up because the sensor that allows the equilibration of temperature after the door is closed, was frozen over. We should be able to take care of this problem in the future; there is a hole in the inside part of the door that needs to be periodically scraped out, particularly in the humid summer months.

9/1/2012: Jean Wang (Storey Lab) had the Thermo technician come out and replace the heating unit in the door. This seemes to have fixed the problem that everytime you open the freezer and close it, it takes 20-30 minutes before you are able to open it again.