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First Official Lab Meeting Draft Agenda

Now that the lab is "set-up" (sort-of) and there are many new people joining and starting projects it's time for our first lab meeting.

To help set the agenda, please add anything that you feel we should discuss below. Feel free to add new categories. In particular, I (Megan) need to know:

  1. What isn't working in lab? (protocols, sharing of equipment, cleanliness...ANYTHING)
  2. What is working?
  3. What would you like more of/less of/etc?

You can also email me or stop by my office if there is anything you'd like to discuss in person or in more depth.

Suggested Topics to Cover at First Meeting

  • Journal Club (Please suggest journals we should read on this page: Journal Club ) (MM)
  • Lab Chores (Please suggest items that should be designated lab chores here: Lab Chores ) (MM)
  • Lab Rules (Please add any suggestions here: Lab Rules) (MM)
  • Lab notebooks and record keeping (MM)-expectations, examples, etc
  • How to reserve equipment (MM)
  • Lab Expectations (MM)
  • Weekly meetings and expectations for them (MM)
  • Lab Set-up things that remain to be accomplished (buying a sonicator, shelving, etc). Please add here: Set-up Tasks
  • Ethanol production: controllable pathways, limiting factors, alcohol tolerant enzymes
  • Antibiotic production by yeast
    • Other therapitic uses?
  • Sniffers, Buzzers, Toggles, and Blinkers in the context of optogentic interogation of pathways.
  • Beta-carotene experiment game plan.
    • We'll control enzyme production. My guess is that a plot of Beta Caroteine production will be non-linear with respect to enzyme production. Will beta caroteine feedback control only be effective at enzyme concencentrations corresponding to approximately linear Beta Carotene vs. Enzyme regions of the plot?
  • A summary of Proportional control, Integrative control, derivative control, and other forms of feedback contol

Miscellaneous Issues or Comments