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5-FOA Plates

For 500ml:

  • 5 ml 100x Zymo Research liquid 5-FOA
  • 150ml 3.33x YNB w/o amino acids
  • 50ml 20% glucose
  • 50ml KS-URA (10x) amino acid solution
  • 250ml 2x bacto agar
  • 25mg uracil

Microwave the bacto agar to re-liquify. Allow to cool to the touch but not to solidify. Add the rest of the components (protocols can be found under media for the basic items such as YNB w/o amino acidS) to the bacto-agar. Swirl the bottom to mix the components well. If the agar is not mixing, microwave the media for short periods (30s) until everything mixes well.