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This is the name I've assigned to the pUC18/HmgR upstream fragment ligation product. "pKn" stands for "plasmid for knockout." Decimals after the number refer to different versions of the plasmid.

pKn002.L1 aka pKn002.1 - 6.20.08 ligation product.

pKn002.L2 aka pKn002.2 - 6.25.08 ligation product.

pKn002.P1 aka pKn002.3 - 6.27.08 transformation colony 1 prep

pKn002.P2 aka pKn002.4 - 6.27.08 transformation colony 2 prep

Sequencing and Alignment Files

Vector NTI Files

Sequencing Data

43.SEQ (pKn002.P1, pUC18_for)

44.SEQ (pKn002.P1, pUC18_rev)