Matt Gethers/CRI, Thailand/Labwork/Sonication

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  • Prepare sample in ~200 μl of phosphate buffer and place on ice.
  • Turn on the stabilizer (on the floor next to the sonicator) and the sonicator power source. Set the time over which the sonicator will deliver pulses.
  • Clean the tip first with water then with ethanol.
  • With the sample in a small aliquot of ice (and water to increase thermal conductivity), place the tip of the sonicator in the sample. Be sure the tip isn't pressed up tightly against the bottom of the sample tube or too close to the sample surface.
  • Press the "start" button on the power source. Be sure to keep the tube stable in the aliquot of ice while the pulsing is taking place.
  • Replace the sample in an ice bucket when the pulsing is finished. The sample should appear less turbid after sonicating.
  • Wash the tip with water and ethanol before sonicating a second sample or turning off the machine.
  • Turn off the power source and stabilizer when finished.