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PCR Taq Template

Rxn Mix

Reagent Volume/Amount
Paeru Genomic DNA Template 0.5 μl
Taq 0.5 μl
4 μl 1 μM Stock
4 μl 1 μM Stock
dNTPs 1 μl 10 mM Stock
DMSO 2.5 μl
Buffer 5 μl
Mg2+ 2.5 μl
dH20 30 μl
Total 50 μl

Rxn Conditions

Annealing Temperature:

Extension Time:

Cycle (Taq)

Step Temperature Duration Notes
Initial Denaturation 95oC 2 minutes
Repeat Cyclic Steps 35x
Cyclic Denaturation 94oC 30 Seconds
Cyclic Annealing oC 30 Seconds Unsure of best temp
Cyclic Extension 72oC minute
Repeat Cyclic Steps 35x
Final Extension 72oC 10 minutes

Run Notes