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PCR Supermix Template

Rxn Mix

Reagent Volume/Amount
DNA Template 1.0 μl from Colony Suspension
1.2 μl 1 μM Stock
1.2 μl 1 μM Stock
2x PCR Master 7.5 μl
H20 4.1 μl
Total 15 μl

Rxn Conditions

Annealing Temperature: oC

Extension Time:

Cycle (Taq)

Step Temperature Duration Notes
Initial Denaturation 95oC 2 minutes
Repeat Cyclic Steps 35x
Cyclic Denaturation 94oC 30 Seconds
Cyclic Annealing oC 30 Seconds
Cyclic Extension 72oC minute
Repeat Cyclic Steps 35x
Final Extension 72oC 10 minutes

Run Notes