Matt Gethers/CRI, Thailand/Labwork/HmgR Isolation Protocol/7.30.08 Gel Results

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7.30.08 SDS-PAGE Induction Assay

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7 Lane 8 Lane 9
5 μl Unstained protein marker 5 μl P5/Pellet/-IPTG 5 μl P5/Pellet/+IPTG 5 μl P5/Supernatant/-IPTG 5 μl P5/Supernatant/+IPTG 5 μl P6/Pellet/-IPTG 5 μl P6/Pellet/+IPTG 5 μl P6/Supernatant/-IPTG 5 μl P6/Supernatant/+IPTG

Ran for 1 hour at 200 V. Stained for 40 minutes in 0.3% Coomassie, destained for ~40 minutes in destaining solution. While the intensity of protein coming from each lane varies (bad estimation of concentration on my part), each has approximately the same pattern. The negative and positive IPTG lanes look identical and there is little or no evidence of a band where I'd expect HmgR. There's certainly nothing jumping out as it did the first time around. I realized after the fact that I transformed into BL21, not BL21 DE3, so induction was unlikely anyway.