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Technical 8

Entropy as the driver of chromosome segregation

Reverse engineering dynamic temporal models of biological processes and their relationships

Designing communicating colonies of biomimetic microcapsules

Programmable matter by folding

Pharma embraces open source models

Genetic testing clamp down

Soft collisions in relativistic runaway electron avalanches

Nonlinear behaviour of electrostatically actuated carbon nanotube-based devices

The art of reporter proteins in science: past, present and future applications.

Variational Principles for Transversely Vibrating Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Based on Nonlocal Euler−Bernoulli Beam Model

Charge and Spin State Readout of a Double Quantum Dot Coupled to a Resonator

Vibrational Energy Transport through a Capping Layer of Appropriately Designed Peptide Helices over Gold Nanoparticles

Going deeper than microscopy: the optical imaging frontier in biology

Single-molecule denaturation mapping of DNA in nanofluidic channels

Biological role of noise encoded in a genetic network motif

Fluorescence enhancement of single DNA molecules confined in Si/SiO2 nanochannels

Real-time, step-wise, electrical detection of protein molecules using dielectrophoretically aligned SWNT-film FET aptasensors

Non-invasive analysis in micro-reactors using Raman spectrometry with a specially designed probe

The synchronization of superparamagnetic beads driven by a micro-magnetic ratchet

Electric Field Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy in a Single Molecule

Remote control of ion channels and neurons through magnetic-field heating of nanoparticles

Correlations between Subsequent Blinking Events in Single Quantum Dots

Quantifying uncertainty in climate change science through empirical information theory

Microbe Hunting

Unnatural design

Nanomechanical mass sensing and stiffness spectrometry based on two-dimensional vibrations of resonant nanowires

Will the patentability of genes survive?

Monitoring impedance changes associated with motility and mitosis of a single cell

Label-free biological and chemical sensors

Fluorescence Enhancement, Blinking Suppression, and Gray States of Individual Semiconductor Nanocrystals Close to Gold Nanoparticles

“On”/“off” fluorescence intermittency of single semiconductor quantum dots

Fluorescence intermittency in single cadmium selenide nanocrystals

Photoacoustics for molecular imaging and therapy.

Universal emission intermittency in quantum dots, nanorods and nanowires

Microbial electrosynthesis — revisiting the electrical route for microbial production

Design, construction and characterization of a set of insulated bacterial promoters.

A scientific model for free will is impossible

Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering

Climate not to blame for African civil wars

A New Avenue to Cure Cancer by Turning Adaptive Immune T Cells to Innate Immune NK Cells via Reprogramming

Resonant activation in polymer translocation: new insights into the escape dynamics of molecules driven by an oscillating field

High-frequency and low-frequency effects on vibrational resonance in a synthetic gene network

Reading cells from within

Pyrosequencing enhancement for better detection limit and sequencing homopolymers


Electrical transport along bacterial nanowires from Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

Electric Current Sensors: A Review

Self-healing light beams

Replication of individual DNA molecules under electronic control using a protein nanopore