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Technical 7

Blowing the Fuse: Berry’s Phase and Runaway Vibrations in Molecular Conductors

Localized Magnetic Fields in Arbitrary Directions Using Patterned Nanomagnets

Suspended Graphene Sensors with Improved Signal and Reduced Noise

Wiring Nanoscale Biosensors with Piezoelectric Nanomechanical Resonators

DNA sequencing: Read with quantum mechanics

A nocturnal mammal, the greater mouse-eared bat, calibrates a magnetic compass by the sun

Biological nanofactories facilitate spatially selective capture and manipulation of quorum sensing bacteria in a bioMEMS device

DNA sequencing by denaturation: experimental proof of concept with an integrated fluidic device

Planar Metamaterial Analogue of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency for Plasmonic Sensing

Generation and control of sound bullets with a nonlinear acoustic lens

Magnetic micro-barcodes for molecular tagging applications

Magnetic stimulation of the spine: the role of tissues and their modelling

High sensitivity temperature sensor based on a long, suspended single-walled carbon nanotube array

A double-stranded DNA rotaxane.

Synthesis of empty bacterial microcompartments, directed organelle protein incorporation, and evidence of filament-associated organelle movement.

Carbon Nanotube Transistor Controlled by a Biological Ion Pump Gate

Microcantilever-based platforms as biosensing tools

Combining bio-electrospraying with gene therapy: a novel biotechnique for the delivery of genetic material via living cells

Photocatalysts: Splitting water with viruses

Simultaneous Magnetic Manipulation and Fluorescent Tracking of Multiple Individual Hybrid Nanostructures

Optical Resonant Cavity in a Nanotaper

Electrically Facilitated Translocations of Proteins through Silicon Nitride Nanopores: Conjoint and Competitive Action of Diffusion, Electrophoresis, and Electroosmosis

Magnetic resonance imaging of oscillating electrical currents

Localized Magnetic Fields in Arbitrary Directions Using Patterned Nanomagnets

Compact, light-weight and cost-effective microscope based on lensless incoherent holography for telemedicine applications

Magnetic field changes activate the trigeminal brainstem complex in a migratory bird

Detection of bacterial cells by impedance spectra via fluidic electrodes in a microfluidic device

Modular glass chip system measuring the electric activity and adhesion of neuronal cells—application and drug testing with sodium valproic acid

Detecting DNA Folding with Nanocapillaries

Magnetic fields at extremely low-frequency (50 Hz, 0.8 mT) can induce the uptake of intracellular calcium levels in osteoblasts

Entropy driven self-assembly of nonamphiphilic colloidal membranes

Oil spills: microorganisms to the rescue?

Where microbiology meets microengineering: design and applications of reporter bacteria

A measure of bending in nucleic acids structures applied to A-tract DNA

High-Throughput Nanofabrication of Infrared Plasmonic Nanoantenna Arrays for Vibrational Nanospectroscopy

Nanoscale Thermometry Using Point Contact Thermocouples

Kinetic Basis of Nucleotide Selection Employed by a Protein Template-Dependent DNA Polymerase

Allosteric Control of Promoter DNA Bending by Cyclic AMP Receptor and Cyclic AMP

Assessment of mitochondrial membrane potential using an on-chip microelectrode in a microfluidic device


Endocytosis: Curvature proteins direct traffic

Faster, sharper electron microscopy

The removal of fluorescence in sequencing-by-synthesis

Microbial Electrosynthesis: Feeding Microbes Electricity To Convert Carbon Dioxide and Water to Multicarbon Extracellular Organic Compounds

Ionic Memcapacitive Effects in Nanopores

Actuated Transitory Metal−Ligand Bond As Tunable Electromechanical Switch

Nanobiotechnology: Nanowires have cells in their sights

Self-assembly of three-dimensional prestressed tensegrity structures from DNA

Help from above

Templating efficiency of naked DNA

Electromagnetic techniques for moisture content determination of materials